A woman I will never forget.

4 thoughts on “A woman I will never forget.”

  1. She reminds me of Hannah who gave Samuel up to be raised by Eli in the temple. What a remarkably selfish woman. I forwarded this to our kids so they could try to understand the ministry of Kirabo Seeds a little better.

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for the gifts. What a lovely surprise. I nearly cried when I found the nativity. I collect nativities from all over the world, ones made by native artisans rather than in China. Each of them is meaningful to me. This was is especially meaningful for so many reasons. I plan to offer one to each of my kids when they get married (or leave the nest forever if they remain single). But it will be a difficult parting for me to give a nativity, because each has a connection to a piece of my heart. Just like my kids.

    Excited for our visit. I’m going to call my sister to see what works for her. She said it didn’t matter but her husband was there and I want to hear what she really wants to say. I’m leaning to coming on Tuesday morning before I leave for the airport in the afternoon. I don’t want to disrupt your riding and other activities too much. Hugs, v

  2. Thank you for using your words to allow us to come along with Denis on his trip back home. There were 4 excited kids last night looking at the pictures – Denis is a name that is mentioned daily in my home via my kids’ prayers for him. My oldest is about his age, so he feels a sense of connection to him. The pictures were a tangible reminder for my oldest to do his part joyfully as he does his part to help with Denis’ sponsorship (he is recyling cans as we try to teach him to match his compassion with action and not just leave it to mom and dad to write the check)!

    My heart breaks for his mom’s sacrifice and the conflicted feelings Denis must feel. Thank you for helping the kids maintain their family ties.


    1. My goodness! Thank you for helping Denis have opportunity in his life. He is a great kid and I love it that your kids are involved. Tonya

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