Soul Care

2 thoughts on “Soul Care”

  1. Love Psalm 37. Was reading that just this last Friday morning, after a stressful Thursday, and God made my heart broken and contrite for Him again. Spent most the morning in tears, but they were good tears. Made well by Him. I love the Jesus we serve!

  2. I was reading Colossians this morning when I came across a passage I’d never noticed before regarding Epaphras in 4:12. The version I was reading said “he is always wrestling in prayer for you”. I wondered what Paul meant by wrestling, so I looked in my NAS and it read “always laboring for you in his prayers”. Then I looked in my concordance and found that Paul used the word “agonizomai”. Looks like agonize, cuz it is! It means “to contend as if for a prize; struggle”. You are wrestling/always laboring/agonizomai for these children, T. Only God knows why you end up with bruises, but as you wrote regarding Jack, they are with and for a purpose.

    I also was encouraged by Col 4:2 which says “devote yourselves to prayer being watchful and thankful”. Wondering what “devote” meant, I looked it up and found that it is “proskartereo”, from 2 words: “pros”, denoting movement from a local place toward another place, and “kartereo”, to be steadfast, endured. LOVE IT!!! God is steadfastly moving us when we pray, from here to there. But we don’t know where “there” is! I”m believing for you that God knows exactly where “there” is, and it is a place of profound goodness, profound Godness. Go, Tonya. Go, God!

    Keep lifting your head to the lover of your soul, Tonya. He loves those little ones even more than you. Sadly, those who lead them astray as you have seen will answer to the Judge for their behavior, and they’ll wish they had a millstone tied around their necks. Truly so sad. So I guess I should be praying for them too.
    Hugs, vicki

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