Jack has BIG news.

7 thoughts on “Jack has BIG news.”

  1. Wow!! Happening a little earlier than expected! I’m excited for you. And knowing Jack, I think he’d do excellent!

  2. This week we have the privilege of staying with longtime friends who have about a 10-year head start on us with parenting. We’ve carried their pearls of wisdom with us over the years and it has been rewarding to share our experiences with each other again after so many years away. One thing they always told us was to take schooling one year at a time (which has been such a help since our choices are limited in northern Chile!) They’ve done it all – Christian, public and home school, and their son is older than Jack but has similar goals and perspective. He, too, chose homeschooling to better manage his time and truly wants to honor God with his activities and choices. As we hear their stories and yours, we are so encouraged in our own parenting journey. Thanks for sharing and tell Jack we are very proud of him!

    1. Awww… give yourself some credit. You are a big reason of why he is able to have a “can do” approach to life. WE got a big adventure ahead of us.

  3. Jack will do great in whatever he chooses, how about you? Are there enough hours in the day for all you and Jack want to do?

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