Is summer a vapor?

5 thoughts on “Is summer a vapor?”

  1. Hi Tonya – As always, I am reading and relating to your blog! We are looking forward to having Kevin this weekend. Spencer has been talking about it all week. Take care!

  2. Agree, I LOVE the photo of Donny, Kira and you! I also can totally relate to what Donny said about wishing he had grown up around horses. All my life I have wished that, and I still do. Maybe in Heaven! Also adore a good sale 🙂 … today I found matching tan suits with peach shirts and striped ties for my littlest boys to wear to their aunt’s wedding reception (originally $54 marked down to $12 … WhooHoo! something I truly appreciate about being in the USA. Now if we can just find a great airfare sale to SAT!!) Love to all the LaTorres from the Garcias. 🙂

  3. Thinking about all the kids going back to school is pretty depressing..thank goodness we have great summer memories.

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