I dont’ want to chase the wind.

2 thoughts on “I dont’ want to chase the wind.”

  1. Thanks for writing this post, T. I’ve been trying to express this very same thing to my kids. I found myself saying, “That’s it! Amen!” as I read your post. I’m going to share this post with our kids. It is exactly what Paul wrote about being content with want and with plenty. I realize I’ve not dealt with “want” in the sense that many in the world experience it, especially now that I’ve seen what true “want” is. Nevertheless, God is teaching us how to be generous out of the overflow of our hearts, and decreasing our love for things as we choose to make more available for those who are in need. We’re still learning this, and I pray it won’t take us as long to learn it as it did for Him to get our attention about it. But God can restore the years the locusts have eaten, so He surely can do this work in our lives. Let’s pray for each other as we walk this road. I know you’re on a very different path than I’m on, but we’re heading in the same direction, and I praise God that He leads us both as our hearts are bent toward Him.

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