5 thoughts on “Jjajja…me?”

  1. I read every word of this update and enjoyed it very much. God is truly providing and blessing. And I must say, that may be my favorite picture of Kira ever. Somehow it seems to perfectly blend her two cultures!

  2. I absolutely love reading how god is using u. He meeting all the needs. Big needs and small daily needs. So awesome! I honestly wish i was there working side by side with you! My heart and prayers r with u guys. Plz give phiona a big hug from me.

  3. So happy for George and Irene, and excited for Kirabo Seeds and the van. I’m crying as I’m starting the goodbye process to my kids. Praying for God’s peace, and can’t wait to be there!!!

  4. Looks like Kira has not lost the security of her finger (I miss her give her a hug for me) precious pic. Congratulations on your van. I will pray for a long, healthy van life and for transporting everyone safely.

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