What is real help?

2 thoughts on “What is real help?”

  1. I’m giving you a loud AMEN!! We have that in Rwanda also. In a way we Westerners have trained the Africans to act this way. We dump cash and goods with no thought of training or coming alongside of people. We saw dozens of bxs of UNESCO supplies shoved in the back of a corner closet in a poor health clinic in NE Rwanda, and it was obvious they weren’t being used. We saw bldg projects begun and not completed for lack of follow-thru, wells dug but not working because no one taught the locals how to maintain them. And often we’d feel used by the requests people made. We came to the same conclusion as you; pray, don’t promise, wait. We can’t be their salvation; only God does that.Go, God! Hugs, vicki

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