One of our teams who will take the journey to Uganda with Kirabo Seeds this summer will be teaching Ephesians. They’ve had several meetings, and they are getting creative in how to present some of the themes from this book in the bible. I remember the day I asked God, “what in the world are we … Continue reading Unity

My WILD ride.

A major storm was predicted for Monday night. There were rumors of seventy mile per hour winds, thunder, lightning, and possible tornados. Awww, I looked up in the sky and it was a pretty blue, not a ripple on the pool surface. It was perfectly calm so I proceeded with my plan to go ride. … Continue reading My WILD ride.

A spectacular storm

A spectacular thunderstorm swooped over us during the middle of the night. It awoke Craig and I at the same time. Wordlessly we inched toward each other in the middle of the bed. He wrapped his arm around me, we listened, flinching with the strongest cracks. His first question was, “is Coco inside?” Yes. Then … Continue reading A spectacular storm

The new normal.

Babies grow so fast. I recently purged Kira’s toys from all the baby items and replaced them with toys that encourage imaginative play and creative expression. She likes to pretend she’s a mama, pushing the stroller, putting her baby to bed with a blanket, feeding us, cooking for us, and of course bossing us all around … Continue reading The new normal.

Stress Management

All day at the computer is torture for me. Sitting in the office on a beautiful spring day is aggravating as I see the wind move the trees tantalizing me to stroke my garden, take Kira to the park, pedal my bike, or walk my dog. Feeling pulled in so many directions by so many … Continue reading Stress Management