Memorizing Anna Maria Island’s gifts to our family.

3 thoughts on “Memorizing Anna Maria Island’s gifts to our family.”

  1. Quite a fashion show our little Kira puts on! We enjoyed being together and playing with everyone! Nana & Papa Pete

  2. Eva and I enjoyed looking at Kira’s beach fashions! What a wonderful vacation. It’s funny but the way you describe Kira’s seriousness with the ocean and/or new, uncertain situations is exactly our little Alec. He has happily adjusted to the beach now but initially was not so sure! I am so happy for you to all have had such a beautiful and restful time. We have an all-Christian family vacation planned for September when Jenn and Mark are also on furlough. Can’t wait!

  3. I vote for the ‘peach’ suit, I’d love one for me but only if I could look that adorable! So glad you guys had a great time, we love this Island but it is so much more fun to enjoy it with all of you!
    Love, Mom
    P.S. I’m watching a beautiful sunset right now….wish you were here!!!

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