Kira’s daily Fashion Show

5 thoughts on “Kira’s daily Fashion Show”

  1. with my husband being venezuelan we are 2 different colors as well. I remember the first time our oldest son Logan noticed we were different he was about 2 and a half we were laying down watching something. Our arms we next to eachother and Logan looked at my husband then looked at me he did that several times and then his eyes got really big like he couldn’t quite believe it. it was rather funny. All of our children are light skinned so i’ve always wondered what people think when my husband is out with them alone..

  2. I have to admit, every time I see Kira’s wardrobe I think, “I wish I had another little baby girl to wear her hand-me-downs!” (Pedro would pass out at the mere thought.) What a cutie patootie. 🙂

  3. I love the part you wrote “my thinking is when she is horribly naughty at least she is cute” lol I feel the same way. Lol and she is so cute. Love the Outifit!

  4. She is precious…and she knows it! Best of all she also knows how to handle it in a very sweet way. Pictures are beautiful.

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