Posted by: tonyalatorre | March 2, 2012

Evolve Boutique…and Kirabo Seeds

I couldn’t blog as usual this morning before Kira greeted me with her big bright smile because I had a special event at noon where I had to be looking fashionable, smell good, and have my hair under control, which was going to be a big problem since first I was off to the stables for some exercise, and before I could do that I had to get HER hair under control which can take almost as long as blogging.

Gunner and I have been together now for two months. I ought to be careful I don’t say that like he’s a boyfriend, because my husband will get jealous and stand between us. It’s a good thing the horse doesn’t have a name like Mike, no one would understand why I want to be with Mike so much. The last two times I went to Gunner’s pasture, he left his pile of hay to walk over and greet me. I say this is a big deal. I’ve been told some people have to chase him around to get a halter on him. I think he likes me as much as I like him. Together for an hour we got sweaty while I practiced the correct leg position riding around the ring. It is something that looks easy, and I’m still shocked at how hard it is to do well. He also gets me smelling just like him, and I don’t care. It’s fun.

Andie, who is a riding instructor as well as a big help to our family,  brought Kira out to the stables for some morning fun. Kira is the cutest most confident little tyke. She saw me on Gunner and said, “mama get down”. That’s what I say to her when I find her at the top of the ladder in the pantry. We laughed! She learned to say “hi Gunner” and he dipped his head down to her level and blew through his nose at her. It was funny and it didn’t scare her though it did surprise her. Then she began to repeat the noise he made when she came face to face with him. She just wants to speak his language. She’s at this incredibly fun stage, I just love it.

After getting stinky and filthy with Gunner I raced home to get all cleaned up and get my hair and clothes just right so everyone would think I were always so put together and proper. Truth is, I like being at the stables just as much as strolling in high heels and a flowy skirt… ok, maybe a little more. We were invited to the grand opening of a boutique, and Kira was a guest of honor. I’ll explain.

A few months ago, I stopped into this new boutique, Evolve, because I loved the clothes in the window display.  They were stylish, feminine, timeless, not too trendy but perfectly current, and there was something so ladylike about the whole store.  While I paid for a few items, I gave my business card to the store manager who saw the orphanage work on it and she asked me about what I do. So I explained about adopting Kira, and our work with orphans in Uganda. She said, let me get the owner, she’d like to know more about this.

So Victoria came out from her office to meet me and she’s young and pretty, and I find out Christian. (yay!) We hit it off immediately, and she invited me to bring the Ugandan beads for her to see. I brought a tub of beads over and she loved them and decided to consign them at her shop for us. Then she invited us to the grand opening of her store. She presented Kirabo Seeds  with a check to pay for a child’s education today at the ribbon cutting. I am so thankful for this support.

I love it that she’s conscious of supporting the cause of the orphans, as well as many other venders who work for worthy causes,with her business. I look forward to working with Victoria. And it was so interesting today at the grand opening of her boutique as little Kira, wearing her Ugandan dress, comfortably talked to every adult who stooped down to her size, jumped into Victoria’s arms, exclaimed Amen! At the end of the prayer, and played happily from dressing room to dressing room. I think she’s going to be both an accomplished horse woman, and a fashion designer. Why not? She can be anything she wants to be. The thing that keeps me so tied to the work we do for the children in Uganda is their big bright smiles, just like my sweet baby’s smile. I watch Kira full of life with every learning opportunity she could desire spread out before her like a wedding buffet. And I know that every child on this planet needs to be able to have their God given potential fulfilled. I want to see the children whose parents are no longer with them succeed in becoming what God has purposed for their lives. That’s why I love the work we do connecting sponsors with the children so the child knows they are loved, known, and supported. If you are interested in sponsoring a child, we have many available now who are praying for a sponsor. Contact me and I’ll give you all the details. You’ll make my day! But more importantly you’ll change the life of a child, forever.

And if you are in San Antonio, you’ve got to visit this new clothing store, Evolve boutique,

Village at Stone Oak Shopping Center

22806 US HWY 281 North Ste. 105

San Antonio, TX 78258


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