6 thoughts on “words”

  1. The words will be back Tonya. No one can take away the gift of words that God has given you. You are a special woman and this is yet one more time Satan has been defeated and our Lord has triumphed. Praise God for your integrity, strength and determination to make it known far and wide that He is God and no one will defeat His purpose or change His will.

  2. Tonya, no matter the outcome you have done much. You have made it known that God and HIS will is what matters most to you. YOu have stood strong in the face of the evil one. You have done much and it does not go unnoticed by our God. praying for you!

  3. Hi Tonya, welcome home, glad you are back in the arms and love of your children. I was with Craig and know his heart was broken when he found out he would not be there to welcome you back. I haven’t written much but you have been in my prayers everyday you were gone.
    Mom L

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