the mom life…gotta love it.

3 thoughts on “the mom life…gotta love it.”

  1. I just wanted to let you know how encouraging your blog is to me as a new mom and a soon-to-be adoptive mom. The road seems long ahead trying to guide little hearts to Jesus, but I enjoy gleaning from your wisdom and getting a peek down the road!

  2. My son, Spencer spent the weekend loving on Kevin and being loved on by Donny. He absolutely adores them both (he would be mortified that I said that). Donny has had a profound impact on spencer’s life and at times serves as his moral compass ‘I wonder what Donny would say’? Thanks for sharing them both with us this weekend. I’m sure Cindy and Joel were blessed by your visit too!! The girlies (Allison and friends) giggled as they told me about their date this weekend and how you stayed with the little girls.

  3. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into your lives. As a mom of little ones, I desire the sort of relationship you have with Donny when the kids are adults. You may think your official ministry is only to the orphans and widows, but you really bless and minister to me through your pearls of wisdom as a mom.

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