for the love of Theater

4 thoughts on “for the love of Theater”

  1. Fabulous fun to read this! I knew you were a dancer, but didn’t realize you had once had such an all-consuming Broadway dream. Hope you’ll enjoy my musical when it gets there!!! And if I’d had known you were a Mis fan I would have got CV to sing you Bring Him Home. A song he made himself known for on the Hawaii stage. That would have made your mascara run. One day soon I will send you the latest edit of the script I’m working on. CV will be singing a song from it at the local theatre later this month.

    Go Kevin! We need smart, handsome guys in the theatre. There’s never any shortage of girls. You will be very popular!

  2. One of my favorite things about living in NE PA early in our married life was the proximity to NYC and the theater. I remember one Christmas when a colleague gave my sister excellent seats for CATS, but it was for the very next day and she called me and we put everything on hold to drive through the cold and snowy night and see the show and the Christmas tree and the city lights just for a few hours, then turn right back around to home and work! I’ve seen Les Mis and enjoyed it, but it isn’t my favorite. My all-time favorite did not last long on Broadway but it is still the best show I’ve ever seen – Jane Eyre. I didn’t understand how it could be made into a musical but there was more pathos, emotion, and even Biblical underpinnings to that show it blew me away. What made it even more special was that our entire family saved up – my sisters, their husbands, my parents, and my brother-in-law’s mother who was battling cancer and died shortly after – and we saw it together. I’ll never forget that memory.

  3. so glad Kev likes the theatre…look out broadway Kevin is on his way!
    We took Holly and Meg in before Christmas, saw Wicked, great show.

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