They DO grow up so fast.

8 thoughts on “They DO grow up so fast.”

  1. Tonya, It is hard to see them grow up and yet the relationship is so much fun as they mature! I am enjoying my adult children so much. I look forward to that relationship with my younger two.

  2. Beautiful write-up about your feelings and your children growing up! Just enjoy each phase as much as possible. Jordan is so handsome and the girls are so pretty, especially his date. Love all the pictures – especially the one with Craig and the one with Jordan and his beautiful MOM.
    love to all always and forever

  3. This reminds me of a conversation I had with someone. They questioned why I still do the same bedtime routine with my 7 year old daughter that I have done since she was a baby… she sits on my lap in the rocker and I read her a story each night. “Isn’t she too old for that? Why do you still do that?” My answer… Because she lets me. And I will do it until she doesn’t want me to anymore. I know the days when she wants mama to read her a story while she cuddles on my lap are dwindling… I will treasure them while I can. Your post is a beautifully written reminder.

  4. Oh how I admire your humble honesty. You wrote the words straight out of my own heart.

    *For Aly’s 17th birthday in August–I bought her a barbie cake complete with a barbie–she’s still my baby girl even though she’s old enough to drive a car.


  5. Tonya, you captured the emotions of this night so well. God has been so good to bring such good friends – iron sharpening friends – into our children’s lives. And what fantastic pictures of a fun evening!

  6. When you allow your children the freedom to have and make new friends (with guidance), they will usually be respectful by bringing home good friends, who can eventually become your friends too. Congratulations on bringing up such a ‘goodlooking’, definately ‘swaggering’ and ‘funloving’ young man!
    Mom L

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