How do you establish trust in relationships?

5 thoughts on “How do you establish trust in relationships?”

  1. This is a challenging question. In Chile, mis-truths and half-truths and flat out non-truths are the norm in society which makes it hard to trust others beyond a superficial level. Also, growing up as an MK for me personally meant learning to establish friendships here, there and everywhere but having an emotional wall that most of these did not go past. There are very few people in the world with whom I feel I can be truly transparent. Truthfulness, on the other hand, is very important to me and I strive for it personally and require it of my children as well. I remember one occasion where I just felt shattered when a child lied to me and tried to hide the evidence. Your thoughts on being realistic are very helpful!

  2. Some of the best parenting advice I ever got was about catching kids lying… To prepare them for the real world, treat them the way the real world will treal them… like a cop would treat you if you got pulled over for breaking the law. Would the officer freak out and get all emotional and tell you how dissapointed they are in you and how you broke their heart, and then let you go… only to keep pulling you over every 5 miles to say “well, what do you have to say for yourself?” No. They would ask you if you knew what you did, why you did it, tell you why it was dangerous, dole out the consequences, and tell you to be more careful next time and send you on your way. Now, I add some mama love in there… but I really related to that.

  3. This is something we deal with on a daily basis with our children, especially our children adopted as older children from foster care. Thanks for the encouragement on this topic!

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