I knew I was loved when… (part2)

3 thoughts on “I knew I was loved when… (part2)”

  1. I have been in an overwhelming peace filled state recently, and I KNOW exactly what you’re talking about. The old me would have been freaking out right about now with all the changes and life events coming up. Adoption, home schooling, leaving my kids for so long when we travel, etc. But now that I’m certain we are in God’s path for our life, everything seems to just flow. I have more patience than I have ever had with my kids. I’m in deep prayer and I thank God each day for that. My solitude with Him has been sweet time lately.

    As far as the first time I felt loved, I KNOW I felt loved by both my mom and dad my entire life. But I do remember the first time my step-dad pulled me to him (I was probably in junior high), gave me a hug and told me how proud he was of me. How he was so happy I was his daughter and he loved me. I knew in that minute what love felt like. What God must want for us, a little bit of His love shown through a father-figure, that I so longed for but didn’t have with my bio dad. Thanks for asking this question, it’s been great to think back over that time!

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