I knew I was loved when…

9 thoughts on “I knew I was loved when…”

  1. i felt loved when my dad took me out for dinner when i was nine years, i had not performed so well at school, my mum was so mad at me she didnt want to even look at me. Dad came home saw my report expected him to be mad but he look me out he told me he was so proud of me, he told me beautiful things. Next term of school i worked so had and i improved. Oh God i remember this like it was yesterday. Right now my mum and dad separated and i take long without seeing him and our relationship is not so good. But am so happy that he saw great stuff in me. And he gave me that love when i needed it cause i thought no one believed in me.

  2. I am so blessed to have always felt I was loved, even though there were rough years where I saw myself as so unloveable … but the time I truly KNEW I was loved was when I was tenderly forgiven of a great fault by the person I most looked up to in my life … my dad.

  3. hmmm this one took alot of thought for me to be able to answer. Feeling loved has always been a struggle of mine and to be honest i didn’t feel totally and completly LOVED until my adult years. The moment I meant my husband I knew I would marry him he is an amazing man who treats me like a queen and has always tried to make me feel loved. Then one day after we had been married probably 3 yrs he told me he could not be my everything that it was to hard for him to. That he loved me but my total joy could not rely on him alone. Well after he told me that I fell on my face before God and asked for HIS help in feeling cherished and loved by HIM. That year is the year that I fully understood and felt the love my heart was longing for. Forever grateful to my husband for being honest and telling me the pressure he was under and forever grateful to God and HIS LOVE!

    1. thanks for that, I too had a moment when I realized I was trying to get everyone to be God for me. It’s easier to go right to God for that love isn’t it?

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