Stress causes a physical response. I proved it.

6 thoughts on “Stress causes a physical response. I proved it.”

  1. I am sure it was really stressful for you but am so glad the chaos is no longer there. I don’t like to live in disorder either and like things to have their own place but sometimes for me that just doesn’t happen especially when having boys in the house. I can clean and spend hours getting it all done and then within 10 minutes it can be undone. I guess I have learned what battles I want to fight for. There is one place in the kitchen where my husband likes to stack things and it drives me nuts. I do have to say from time to time to him to clean his area! Your kitchen looks beautiful so go ahead and enjoy it. I also love the idea of a sitting area in the breakfast room. Great job!

  2. We are getting to that place again, too. If I never see another box in my house, it will be fine with me!! So glad everything is falling into place for you guys. Enjoy your new environment!

  3. Congratulations, I wish I could see the finished product, but I can imagine how beautiful it looks. Wish you lots of love and fun in this new home.

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