where’s the welcome wagon?

4 thoughts on “where’s the welcome wagon?”

  1. I think that is what we learn from traveling to other places in the world. Joy and Alex travelled to Bangladesh and saw the families in their simple
    huts. They were smiling and enjoying meals together. They lived in community. Our individualistic soceity has catered to this in America. I long for the front porch days. I feel a stirring in the church. Maybe the Lord is working on us as a church. I am guilty too, and you are right. We have to choose. Great word this morning and hard to hear as well. Miss and love you.

    1. I hope God is moving to restore the neighborliness of this world. I loved the emphasis at Kingsland with N3: loving those Nearest, and our Neighbors and the Nations with the great love of God. And being a light in the dark with this neighbor dilemma would be so awkward and awful if I don’t keep my eyes on what God wants to see happen. It would be easy for me to keep to myself in response, but, I won’t. I’ll go out and try to do the N3 with God’s strength behind me.

  2. o tonya, i know exactly what you mean. when we left Rio Grande Bible Institute after living there for 4 yrs it was a hard transition for me. there I had been with people who were deeply involved in eachothers lives, people who knocked on eachothers back doors several times a day just to say hi. then we moved here where not one person said hi to us. o my it was a hard transition. praying for you!

    1. thanks for your prayers Erin! It is hard to leave a community that is close and come to a new place where I am the stranger. Thankfully, I know I am never ever alone because Christ is holding my hand and walking with me every step of the way.

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