An extraordinary day.

3 thoughts on “An extraordinary day.”

  1. I had that happened to me to earlier this year. I was on facebook and chatting with a friend (or at least I thought) She had been robbed and her passport was stolen and she needed to have money to pay the hotel bill and buy and airline ticket home. I really thought it was her until I kept probing more and found out it was a scam. Her facebook account had been hacked and she was ok! Wow what a day you had! Your house is beautiful. You know all it needs now is some color in the front yard. I am sure you will be able to found some beautiful flowers to plant 🙂

  2. oh Tonya, i’m so sorry. That happened to me but i was on the side of your brother. Someone had hacked into my email account and emailed every person on my contact list. My uncle immediately called my parents to verify before he sent money thank goodness. And don’t worry i’m sure your brother knows how much you love him!!

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