A little catch up with the children in Uganda

4 thoughts on “A little catch up with the children in Uganda”

  1. Thanks for this! Yes,as you say the perfect piece of land is coming.
    The thought of chickens laying their intestines is a bit upsetting. Hope God has a solution for that too.

    1. I know it’s disturbing to see the chickens lose their guts and then wind up on the dinner plate as a result. But, all of these chickens will eventually be dinner when they are tired of being good layers. It’s a way of life that we certainly have moved far away from in America. Meat in Uganda doesn’t come in trays wrapped in plastic from a cooler at the store. It is sold in cages on the street! I’m just so happy they got to enjoy a feast of chicken without the whole ordeal of a holiday. I hope some day having meat will be a daily treat for them. Especially when we have enough goats reproducing, they will have plenty of meat to eat. Oh, these kids, they are so darling and lovable. I hope you will join me one day on a trip to visit with them. T

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