Anniversary Woes and Consolations

6 thoughts on “Anniversary Woes and Consolations”

  1. i did a quick search and there is a riding stable nearby my new house that gives instructions…with pretty horses available….i’m not playing around…..

  2. so sorry for your jewelry. praying for you lots today! goodbyes are so hard to do. being an MK i have had my share of goodbyes it’s never easy. praying for that specifically today for you…….

  3. I’m glad you got to see your man on your anniversary, and so sorry about the precious stones that reminded you of precious memories. At least they can’t steal those. Praying for a smooth move!

  4. I see a theme for a book sized memoir, your talent for learning new things and taking on new challenges. Think what an inspiration you are/will be to anyone who is stuck, afraid to move out of their comfort zone, wanting to try something new but being sabotaged by their resistance. You are the Patron Saint of Adventure and Life-long Learning!

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