Donny’s Helping Attitude

4 thoughts on “Donny’s Helping Attitude”

  1. Tonya – I’ve been reading your blog since Cindy Anthis was with you. They are friends of ours so I wanted to follow the trip… Most importantly, today, I want to tell you that Donny is just as impactful to those outside your family. My son, Spencer, was in his lifegroup that he led last year. He loves Donny (and Kevin too) and I’ll bet I’ve heard 1000 times what Donny thinks about different things from Spencer. Spencer holds him in the highest regard and I can’t think of a better example for him to follow. Best wishes for a successful move. It’s a stressful event–even if you love your destination!

    Kelly Boldt

    1. Thank you Kelly! Donny read that comment and it really made his day. Sometimes we minister in our lives and never know the impact it has on those you touch, so thanks for sharing this precious report. It will encourage Donny to continue to give and give. Tonya

  2. It is so lovely to read this and imagine such a wonderful relationship with my own children some day. Lord willing! How very special this gift is that God has given you.

  3. What an encouragement to Donny, and to us moms of lots of littles who are praying for days like that. Donny was a JOY last year on the sunday school playgroup, the kids just loved playing with him. Blessings!

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