Working for the orphans in Uganda

3 thoughts on “Working for the orphans in Uganda”

  1. This is such an excellent and clarifying post, Tonya. I love the purpose of your ministry not because I don’t believe in adoption (obviously!) but because I understand it is not the end-all solution to the problems in any country, including our own. My experience with Haiti has certainly taught me that. Keep up the good work for the glory of God and the giving of grace to these precious little souls. Thank you for your passion and ministry.

  2. Yes to what Stephanie said! Adoption is important, but it cannot be the only solution to the orphan crisis. These countries need children to be future leaders where they are. What an important work God is doing through your family! You challenge and encourage me-thank you for being open about your journey.

  3. am yigga aron and i really appriciate that coz am also an orphan and i know how it hurts to grow up with out parents thank to you all

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