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  1. Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us! I agree with your final assessment about short-term missions. As a missionary, I admit that hosting a team is a lot of work for us, but it always results in new relationships and blesses both those coming to minister as well as those being ministered to. I believe it is just as much for the team members’ spiritual growth as the recipients of their ministry. Sounds like your team was extremely flexible and efficient, which are the makings of a great team!

  2. Possibilities are endless in God’s plans….so much to think about. First an open heart and mind to what He has planned, than trust that He will make it happen…than the courage to do it!!!
    Mom L.

  3. It is simply amazing just how much you have accomplished in six short months! And to think most of it was born out of a short term mission trip to Uganda!

    You are an incredibly gifted writer – it always feels like I am right there in Uganda – and though I have been to far less countries, I totally agree with you that America simply has the best customer service. Nothing like going to another country to give you a better appreciation of America’s customer centered service – the easy smiles, chit chat, the expectation that what you want to buy is available, the totally foreign concept that the customer is always right (even when we are being jerks) and the fact that no one ever makes you feel like they are doing you a favor by serving you!

    Thank you so much for taking us along on your journey. You are re-awakening my passions and I no longer have excuses for not doing more! I have also struggled with the cost of short term mission trips and their usefullness – I have seen way too many people go on a mission trip all gung ho and thinking they will change the world and then when they are met with unimaginable need, they limp back home and their passion fizzles. However, it is familes like yours who go on mission trips already well informed and who do not get discouraged at the amount of need, but use that fact to energize them even more – that I believe is what makes short term mission trips such a wonderful thing. And I think your kids in Uganda will heartily agree that short term mission trips are life changing! Through your blog, I am have been converted from doubter of the value of short term mission trips to mom who is praying that the Lord will open a way to join you together with my 7 year old on your next trip. Said 7 year old prays daily for his “sister” in the Kyengera Orphanage that she has enough food to eat and clothes to wear, and I know the mission trip would be invaluable to him in harnessing his empathy and hopefully spurring him to action. And nothing makes a family “move” like the passion of a child.


    1. Juliann, I am so happy that these posts have been able to help you. I pray you will have a great trip and good experience with the people of Uganda. Tonya

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