Our Mzungu kids made an inspiring decision.

5 thoughts on “Our Mzungu kids made an inspiring decision.”

  1. The idea of leaving once I get there already makes me tear up. I can just imagine how touched the whole team is, getting to be so involved in God’s work in Kyengera! I’m excited to speak with Jen when she gets back about the beauty of Uganda. Thank you again for your faithfulness in serving and leading!

  2. The detail of God’s handiwork in this trip has been amazing to follow. And Tonya, I’d love to see YOU in some of the pictures too!

  3. Amazing ‘true’ story Tonya…(altho I could have done without the ‘chicken heads’!) I know the time is flying by for everyone and how difficult it is going to be to leave these children and the beauty of Uganda and it’s people. mom

  4. Are you sure Uganda doesn’t have more hours in a day…..I can’t believe all you accomplish in one day!! I guess the difference is you are working on GOD time, He gets His Work done with no time restrictions.
    Mom L.

  5. As we sat around the lunch table today, I shared with my girls your stories of all the children accomplished and the new way of life they were willing to try there in Uganda. I think they were quite impressed! So thankful for the wonderful way God is touching each heart and life in your group this week.

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