Our first day at the orphanage.

2 thoughts on “Our first day at the orphanage.”

  1. So excited for the nurses and doctors who are using their God given talents to help the children. Will start praying for Fred and the sick little girl. God bless!

  2. It is exciting to see the handiwork of the Lord. Sounds like the team had a productive day. I can relate to your bat story. Last year we had 2 bats come into our house and don’t know how they came in except through the whole house attic fan. I was getting ready for bed and turned off the lights and kept hearing this banging noise. Sure enough it was a bat and I screamed loud and Mark came to the rescue. I don’t mind snakes or spiders but bats are awful! I will pray for your stomach and that no one else will get sick and for Fred. He has a determination to succeed and not give up! Maybe sometime you could talk about the difference between the Orphanage and the children’s home. Is the children’s home where they go for adoption? May the Lord continue to shine His Light on you and the team!

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