Church in Uganda as the rains come down.

5 thoughts on “Church in Uganda as the rains come down.”

  1. hi Tonya, just checked your blog and noticed you have been in Uganda a week now. hope u a having lots of fun and loving on your children.
    i have got a funding opportunity on my desk( grants)$25,000 from USAID for orphans and vulnerable children, don’t know whether you have thought of applying for grants but it would be a great opportunity if the orphanage is able to win this grant. i would love it if we tried our luck with this, mainly for the sustainability projects cause that’s want they mainly interested in.

    let me know want u think.
    tried sending you an email but failed

  2. Always a joy to get your posts!! Look forward to reading and many time re-reading what is happening there in Uganda. Thank you for faithfully sharing God’s work there!!

  3. I am glad for having got such a great opportunity to work on the same occasion with you Tonya. I am also glad that you have dedicated your time and effort to support and to serve my community in Ugandan. All I know is that the work you are doing is not in vain, it is a service to God’s Kingdom. May the Lord richly bless you and grant you wisdom in all that you are doing. Amen.

    1. Thank you Dennis, it was fun working with you also. I look forward to meeting you again when I return to Uganda. Blessings to you, Tonya

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