The Ugandan Wedding from a Mzungu lens.

8 thoughts on “The Ugandan Wedding from a Mzungu lens.”

  1. Gorgeous pictures Tonya! I am so excited that Anna Grace got to see an Ugandan wedding. Hope that our girl slept last night!! I am praying for God to be your sustainer as you work hard this week. I am praying for abundant fruit as well. Love you guys.

  2. What beautiful pictures and what a beautiful post! It’s so interesting how some of the traditions are similar to ones here in Chile. We also do the signing of the documents at the wedding, and the reception always starts LONG after the wedding as the guests sit around talking and waiting. What a neat experience for your team to have!

  3. Been going through the best Ugandan wedding photos for reference to my gig tomorrow and I’m surprised I found these pictures.
    George taught me photography and he’s my mentor up to now.
    I’m a photographer because of him.
    Sadly,George died😣😣
    I’ll always miss and love him for his passion and mentoring
    Thanks Tonya for the photos.

    1. It was a pleasure to photograph George’s wedding. He was our director of our Kirabo Seeds children’s home in Kampala when he passed away. It was a tremendous loss. We miss him too. Thanks for sharing and keep up the photography.

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