Servant Leadership in action.

10 thoughts on “Servant Leadership in action.”

  1. Beautiful story and just beginning! I’ll be with you every morning to see what all of you and GOD are doing.
    Mom L.

  2. I sat at my desk this morning and wept with joy reading this. The description and photo of Pastor Robert washing your hands was beautiful. I searched the faces of the children looking for Abdu, and imagined his shy smile. What a way with words you have.

    Oh, and that photo of that little smiley chocolate cuddle baby in the plastic tub? Too Cute!

  3. What a gift to be able to come along side you each day as you recount it’s story….we are thrilled to see what God is doing there with all of you!! Just keep them coming!

  4. Overcome with emotion at reading about this day and seeing the pictures of Whitney meeting precious Tracy and her family. Loved seeing the pictures of them receiving some of their gifts–so anxious to see the pictures Whitney brings home! I can’t wait to meet Tracy next year when I travel to this beautiful place! Rose sent me a sweet email today, telling me about the sweet visit. Blessed and honored to love on this family.

  5. Oh my goodness, Kira has grown since my visit! She barely fits in the tub!! Haha, I love her healthiness!! Can’t wait til the beach! Praying for all of you as you continue God’s purposes for you all there!

    1. Hello Everyone! Thank you for your replies. It is so much fun for me here to hear from you so I love receiving the ding in my blackberry and seeing a comment. We are enjoying each moment, and thinking of you all who are journeying with us. Thanks for coming along, and thank you for your prayers. We need them so much! Blessings to you all, Tonya

  6. I am reading your blog posts with such an anticipation as we leave for our trip to Uganda in 52 days. Your posts portray such a peace. I am praying this will be out experience too.

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