All day in the London Airport with a toddler.

5 thoughts on “All day in the London Airport with a toddler.”

  1. We don’t know eachother, but I hope to meet you one day soon after you return. I am praying for your team. You may wonder how I even have heard of you and it is because my friend, Jen Trulock will be joining y’all soon. I am praying and look forward to checking your blog for updates.

  2. We were so glad to see you! We’ll be following along on your adventure. Tomorrow we bring our girl from the orphanage to stay with us for good-hooray!

  3. Tonya, we are vey happy to see how the mission is going on, we pray for you all and wish the Lord continue to protecting you all, we are very proud of the team and happy to hear that the young team is delivering as expected, hope more blessings will be received for the kids and for the mission, say hi to Andres and to you all.
    Lucy is doing okay and Jackie has managed two realtor’s inpection /visits sucessfully
    Jackie and Christian

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