Current Events at the orphanage in Uganda

The children are finding they like having the bunkbeds not only for sleeping, but for hanging out and doing what kids do best, be silly, explore ideas, laugh and make some fun.  In the photo below, they are all standing under their new lightbulb, one of three. I still can’t get past the good feeling that comes with helping them get light at night.

What will be fun next weeks is to pass out the 14 sets of sheets that were donated for their new beds. They’re going to need more laundry lines to hang up.

Adams and Elitia brought watermelons and pineapples for everyone, and the “mamas” are preparing the special treat.

I can never get enough of those big smiles and knowing how much improved their diet is from when I first met them on Christmas Eve. God has worked at high speed to improve the lives of these children. I am all a titter as I sit on the brink of these next three weeks with them to see what God’s going to do next.

Today is the last packing day, and tomorrow we get on the plane. I better go put my camera lenses in their special suitcase. I’ve got work ahead with that gear! woo-hoo… hear we come.

In the morning I’ll post photos of all our stuff, and the last minute visit from the team so I can have a special prayer with each of them before we go. (I’m going early, and the team will meet me next Friday night)