Abigail’s bracelets provide a goat to the orphanage!

3 thoughts on “Abigail’s bracelets provide a goat to the orphanage!”

  1. I love this! And I love that you have included children – even planned for them – in this mission trip. What a special, life-changing experience this will be. My wise parents encouraged each of us (my sisters and I) to take an overseas missions trip away from Chile when we were growing up, because they understood the benefit of experiencing God in a new and different culture. It is what I wish for my children as well. I can’t wait to hear the stories Abigail and others will have to share.

  2. Just think what Jack’s and Abigail’s minds and hearts could accomplish….sound like real soul mates to me!l
    Mom L.

  3. Abigail! We were really great friends when we were younger! She is such an awesome girl:) I think it’s pretty amazing that she still heads into Africa to change the lives of the youth living there! She is such an amazing girl.

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