“Kirabo Seeds” are sprouting

5 thoughts on ““Kirabo Seeds” are sprouting”

  1. Beautifully written Tonya. A wonderful summary of what you have been able to do for the orphanage with God’s direction and help. You should put this blog on your wed site, it explains where you began and where God has taken the orphanage thru you and your family’s willingness to respond. A testomony to be shared.
    Mom L.

  2. What a blessing it has been for us to be involved in this endeavor. And pom poms was a good analogy – you are always an inspiration!

    1. Thanks Karen, you are near and dear to me because you were around when I was really just musing about any old life matter and you still checked in to see what was happening. Now, with this great responsibility with the orphanage and the way your family has wholeheartedly partnered with us, we THANK YOU! I imagine designing a private trip to Uganda, our family and yours! Won’t that be an absolute BLAST? When the youngest is about six, they’ll be ready. And we’ll be waiting. We love you.

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