The founder of Kira’s baby home~at my house!

6 thoughts on “The founder of Kira’s baby home~at my house!”

  1. Wow! We met Pastor Peter in Uganda last year! It was so great to read this post! It’s so amazing how he started the baby home and the children’s village and an amazing church as well, all of which we had the privilege to visit during our visit! You will absolutely love Bethany Children’s Village! My team and I were just so inspired by how it was set up and how great it was for the children to be in such a great family environment, and they are all succeeding so well! The organization I went with wanted to see more children’s villages set up this way, and even hope to start one in the future! I can’t wait to follow your blog while you are in Uganda! In a way it’s like I am there with you! I miss Uganda so much!

    1. Ooo…maybe your organization would like to partner with us as we endeavor to build a village like that!

  2. I love that you are helping a Ugandan couple adopt a Ugandan baby. This is a great desire of ours here in Chile, that Christian couples in our churches would truly consider adoption. Sadly even within our churches the mindset is that families can only “afford” a couple of kids (I am not downplaying the expense as it truly is a reality but there seems to be a lack of faith that God is able to provide for His children) so that is one reason many don’t consider adoption. The second is that those who are interested seem to give up before they even begin by listening and believing all the negative reports about the national adoption system (again, I am not saying there aren’t problems, but our God is bigger!) The third is a lingering stereotype of “blood being thicker than water” that seems hard to shake in this Latin culture. And finally, even if they do want to step out the economic factor is a very big challenge.

    In light of all the blessings we have received as a family throughout our adoption journey (and since Pedro insists we are now DONE – but I tell him we should lead by example and do one Chilean adoption ourselves, ha!) we have committed to helping others as we are financially able, and most of all we hope to eventually be able to help Christian Chilean couples welcome Chilean children into their homes. This year may be the first year we see that happen, we hope! We know of four couples who are interested and we are watching and praying to see who answers the call. Interestingly, one Chilean pastor’s family may even adopt from Haiti through a brand-new Chilean creche in Haiti! (Who knows? God’s ways are higher than our ways!)

    It is so thrilling to play even a small part in God’s vast plan.

  3. How amazing to watch the ‘maze’ that God has made for willing, open hearted people to wind through to get to HIS ending and purpose (HIS children)….and you ALL are right in the middle!
    mOM l.

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