Beauty Rest

3 thoughts on “Beauty Rest”

  1. Tonya, You have the right idea about rest…I am learning that. I actually fell asleep for an hour right after dinner. Then, I got up and finished things up and went to bed early for me. I feel great this morning. I am going to just leave whatever is undone , undone from now on!!!!!! 4 AM!!!!!!! I thought 5 was early!!!!!! Love watching Kira play, laugh, grow, love, and be loved on this posts!

  2. Somehow I don’t think “beauty rest” has caught on in Latin America! Well, maybe if you consider the “siesta.” Last night I hosted a weekly mom’s Bible study (which is supposed to start at 9:30 PM but never does) and the ladies were here until quarter to 1 AM. But praise GOD, it was time very well spent as there were lots of questions and the Bible has all the answers!

  3. You have the right idea, Tonya, and you’re so blessed you can sleep!

    I love that Kira is walking now–I so wish I could’ve babysat the other day! Did your trip to SA go well?

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