Congratulations Kira: you are African and American.

7 thoughts on “Congratulations Kira: you are African and American.”

  1. Congratulations to you and to Kira! Isn’t that just like a baby girl? You were at the final legal checkpoint in the adoption process, and she really put an exclamation point on it! 🙂 You tell ’em Kira!

  2. I connected with your last paragraph, as I also recognize that my boys are not African Americans, but African and American and Haitian and American, and on top of all that heart-Chileans as well. Yet I imagine there will always be this way they are perceived by others. So my greatest hope is that they will find their true and lasting identity in Christ! But also that I will know how to instill in them healthy pride in every aspect of their cultural heritage.

    PS, I agree with the “prettiest color” too – because every time I look at Owen I think the exact same thing!

  3. Congratulations! I know that is a huge weight off your shoulders!

    I was laughing at Kira’s antics because it reminded me so much of our finalization. Three little kiddos let loose in a courtroom (ages 1 and 2 year old twins), all I can say is, it was interesting. Everyone decided it was time to make a run for it (and in opposite directions no less), baby boy decided that he much preferred his aunt to mommy and refused to sit at the family table and made a mad dash to her in the audience during the proceedings and also refused to take a family picture with the judge unless he was held by aunt! While the rest of our family were so excited and wanted to party, all I could think about was how fast it would take to drive the 4 miles home to put the kids to sleep! Thankfully, the courtroom was for adoptions only, and people smiled kindly at us, but I was so totally unprepared for their behavior and spent too much time stressing about how we appeared to others than just enjoying the moment!

    Blessings as you raise your African and American Princess.

  4. Congratulations to all of you! As Misty said, we were in Ethiopian court not long after your court appointment. What a wonderful feeling to finalize! Can’t wait until we get to do that in America, too! What a blessing and encouragement you are to me in this international adoption process.

  5. Congratulations Mama Tonya and Daddy Craig. We love your blog, your heart and we thank God for Kira’s victory, may the God Lord Continue to uphold you. Congratulations from KCH here. Amen


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