Helping up vs. Handing out

5 thoughts on “Helping up vs. Handing out”

  1. hi Tonya,
    1.provide tailoring skills to the older women at the home, they will able to make the kids clothes, mend clothes these kids(in case they a torn) and also uniforms this will reduce cost on clothing. if they become very good with there work they can get contracts from the surrounding schools to make them uniforms for the schools thus earning money.or make clothes for people in the village for a few.

    2. the older children(boys) can be taught to make bricks, u can use them to construct there new home( thus reducing costs) or sell them(people always constructing that’s assured market. my cousin made bricks when he lost his job, he earned $421 in one week he earns more than me in an office.( wonder how old the boys are?) if they a too young maybe let there older guys who help at the home should do this.

    3. provide them will skills to bake. they can make bread, cakes that they can sell to the community. still if they got contracts with schools to supply them cakes and bread(boarding school provide these during break).if they do things excellently they can bake wedding and birthday cake.

    the bottom line they will have to do their work with excellence, people always want to associate them selves with excellent things, with this they will not have to look for market (customers).

    may God richly blesses and fill you with wisdom to do his work. praying for you.

    1. Great ideas Martha! Thank you. We’ll get on those for sure. We can’t wait to have you helping us when we get to Kampala in June. Blessings to you! Tonya

  2. Tonya, There is a ministry in Haiti which teaches skills to women so they are able to provide for themselves and their children. The website is Basically the ladies learn to sew and also create jewelry (I think you’ve mentioned this in Uganda as well) and they have an on-site shop at their guest house – but even more interestingly (at least to me!) they have a system by which they provide handmade purses for “purse parties” in the States. It’s the idea of a Tupperware party or something similar, but the proceeds all go the ladies in Haiti while the ladies in the States have fun shopping for something special and unique. 🙂

    1. We will look into this. I have alot of necklaces yet to sell. I usually sell them when I speak about the orphanage. But it will be even better when I can sell the necklaces the children made!

  3. Working for and taking responsibility for what we need and want…something we seem to be losing in our country today!
    Mom L.

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