Preparations for our Mission Trip

5 thoughts on “Preparations for our Mission Trip”

  1. don’t know why, but i also just can wait to join u for this mission, praying that it becomes a success and it will be a seed project to the community and above all Jesus’ name to be known. may God bless ur heart.

    pray for us so that peace can prevail in Kampala their have been lots of violence this week. have yourself a happy Easter.

  2. How thrilling to hear the ways God is bringing every detail together! Thank you for praying for us yesterday – our friends canceled at the last minute due to a scheduling conflict but asked to meet today instead.

  3. This is the kind of “overwhelming” I like. It smacks of the Holy Spirit moving in 21st century hearts and minds. 🙂 CANNOT WAIT!

  4. Praises for Dr. Cindy, what great work she is doing already and she is not even there yet. So much work being done and so much more to be done. Bless you all.
    Mom L.

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