Jordan’s heart response

4 thoughts on “Jordan’s heart response”

  1. Hi Tonya…is it possible to adopt Esther too? Since I have two children who are so richly blessed here, it seems only fair to adopt two there and share some of the blessings we have. Let me know what I need to do!!

    1. Yes absolutely! Thank you. I will send you another package! Esther will hear tomorrow! She will be praying for you! Tonya

  2. Tonya, you have blessed us by bringing these sweet children into our lives. When I sat on the couch and read your book to the kids, and showed them our sponsored girls there, I got teary. They looked at me and asked “why are you sad?”, and I said I was so happy that we are able to help these kids that it was leaking out my eyes! I could see them perk up when they heard about Jack’s story and saw him baking his bread. It was a revelation that even children can do something. I have seen changes in the generosity of their spirits already. What a blessing.

  3. God is so free with His blessings….first He blesses His children in Uganda, than He double blesses those who love enough to be sponsors! Jordan has a huge heart!
    Mom L.

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