It is just a house.

3 thoughts on “It is just a house.”

  1. Tonya, I know how you feel. Our house is not as grand as yours, but is definitely in the high end of the US spectrum. I used to think it was wonderful living in a “castle”, until Shawn had colleagues in town from Asia who came over for a meal. One commented that our closet was bigger than her living room. They wondered how many children we must have to need a home that big. I thought 3 was alot, then I saw their faces… “only 3?”

  2. ” … home is meant to match who you are.” – I like this thought and can honestly say my ecletic, jumbled house often matches my eclectic, jumbled state of mind! 🙂

    On a more serious note, so much is perspective. Our house here is about 1400 square feet (if my conversion is correct) and sometimes I feel the pinch of space with 5 kids, but more often than not I have Chilean friends over who can’t help commenting about the “size” of my kitchen or how “nice” and “big” everything is – and that always serves as a humbling reminder of how blessed I am in the context in which I live! In your situation I am blessed by the example of hospitality you extend no matter which house you are in – from groups of Bible study boys to teens preparing for prom to orphaned boys on a singing tour. In the end it is all about being faithful with whatever God has given us. I can’t wait to see where He leads you next!

  3. Good luck selling your house. You have quite a ways to go to downsize to what is considered a normal American house according to my recent AARP magazine. It says that the average U.S. house size grew from 983 sq.ft. in 1950 to 2,377 sq.ft. in 2010. Home size peaked in 2007 at 2,521 sq.ft. I’m so glad that you have decided to make a smaller foot print on the earth with this decision. It is apparent that your travels have given you a whole new perspective on the world and how you should live in it.
    I am looking forward to seeing what the “new you” looks like!!

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