…as Kira grows and develops…

9 thoughts on “…as Kira grows and develops…”

    1. Hey, knock that off. Maize and blue only for my girl.

      A funny story is that one of my co-workers went to MSU and used to be ‘spartie’! He threated to get Kira a MSU cheerleading outfit. I told him it would gather dust in the closet

      1. I just have to chime in because my 2-year old is currently wearing a Spartans baseball hat despite the fact that Pedro’s family is loyally “maize and blue.” What’s amusing is how dirty and faded the hat is since it was discovered by toddler hands “gathering dust” (as you said) and baking in the desert sun in some hidden corner of the back yard. All that to say, Pedro’s got your back, Craig! 🙂

  1. She is adorable! Gotta love a strong-willed child…I have one of those, too! They keep you on your toes, but I love to see their minds work…amazing!

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