Kevin in the school play.

3 thoughts on “Kevin in the school play.”

  1. Just from the photos you can tell how fully engaged Kevin was in his roles! I love theater and miss having opportunities to see plays. Please tell him congratulations from us on his hard work and achievement!

    I can also relate somewhat to your feelings about Annie because when I watched it as an adult with my own children, it was a totally different perception than when I was a child myself. I found myself watching them and trying to pick up on what they were thinking about it all. And of course, as you so aptly shared it is sobering in light of the reality you know there in Kyengera.

    Speaking of which, my children were thrilled to pieces to “meet” Sulait and learn of our new connection with her! Eva wished so much that we could adopt her (I explained that this will be an “adoption of the heart”) and Owen wished that if we ever did adopt another girl, her name would be Sulait and she would like to play soccer. 🙂 I am excited for all they will learn through giving of their prayers and letters and hearts to another child. Thank you for allowing us this privilege.

    1. That response from your children makes me cry. Thanks for the good reward tears.
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  2. Hi Kevin – Wish I could have been at the Play to see you!!! Sounds like you were Super!!!
    Love ya,
    Grandpa L

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