inspiring art in others

7 thoughts on “inspiring art in others”

  1. totally off the topic of art, but the dress she’s wearing–I got for my girl’s easter dresses….I actually found them to match! Size 6 and 9 months doesn’t happen often 🙂 Beautiful pictures and babies!

  2. Jack reminds me of my daughter Eva in this way. In fact, your post inspired us to think of an area in our house which we could possibly tweak to make her own art space. She will entertain herself for hours drawing, creating houses for her little “pets” out of recycled materials, etc. She would have *loved* an art show like this!

  3. PS – Every time I see Kira with what I call that “bruiser” look on her face, I can’t help but think she and my Alec would be a match made in Heaven … he can pull the same expression (and often does) but also has the greatest grin ever. 🙂

  4. Jack’s mind never stops, from solving problems like making pumpkin bread, to being creative, in everything from playing with his friends to creating art in any form. (he even finds fun in playing cards with his granma and that can be a challenge which he also enjoys) ‘ love that boy!
    Mom L

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