Adoption is God’s original idea

7 thoughts on “Adoption is God’s original idea”

  1. “Being an example every minute of my life is a lot of pressure. Parenting is not for the feeble.” – This is so true, and I fail so often! Your paragraph on modeling calmness with Kira hits home, because so often I do lose it with my two toddlers and their mischief of late. I have learned to not fear asking forgiveness of my kids, because I must do so often.

    We would like to know more about the sponsorship program. Do families receive updates on their sponsored children? Do you have a list of ages/gender of waiting children, for instance if the sponsoring family wished to match with a child similar in age to their own? Is it possible to do a one-time payment of the sponsorship fee each year? These are just few questions I have.

    God bless your wonderful work for Him!

    1. You are so right, we do not get it spot on with every crisis so when we are wrong there is nothing more powerful to teach by example than how to apologize and ask forgiveness. When I began to do that with Donny, it is when he began to see me as a person, not just a mom. We are very close now because I humble myself to him.

    2. Thanks for asking Stephanie, all good questions…
      yes one time payment a year is easiest. It costs 275$ to educate a child for a year, and this includes uniform, shoes, supplies, two meals a day and tuition. If you want it broken up into terms or monthly payments we can arrange that as well. We will send regular updates about the child. And the child will write to you and you can write back. I hope to establish an email network for them. Yes I have a list of children all different ages, and I can try to match a child’s age. I will essentially do whatever it is necessary to make it a more rewarding and simpler process for you to enjoy knowing and supporting this child. I’ll be there in June and I’ll make files of photos for each child, and I’ll be extremely generous with my talents behind the lens for these kids so you can see all sides to their personalities. That’s my “real’ job on the mission field. (as you know since I travelled to Chile to photograph the school and senior!) Let me know if I can answer any more questions, Tonya

    1. Thank you so much for the way your hearts are all the way in with these kids. I appreciate your partnership!

  2. We of course want to sponsor. Does your count of 47 include the original nine? We have the child’s picture and name and a very abbreviated history but are unsure of the where/what/how to send other things (letters and such). Having guidelines or suggestions of these things would be helpful as we are novices at sponsorships!

  3. Can’t wait to get started Tonya! God is clearly working thru you and will not stop until His perfect plan is in place. Thanks for stepping forward and saying “Here I am Lord!”

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