More adoption business to endure

5 thoughts on “More adoption business to endure”

  1. those a very lovely pictures of kira she has grown, praying for you so that u can finish this journey.
    you inspired me to do photography, am having some lessons now. do u edit your pictures?

    1. Hi Martha, I never edit a photo. I hope to shoot what I wish to have. Have fun with those classes. I can’t wait to see your results. Tonya

  2. Again, I can relate! 🙂 When we return to the States for furlough we will be “re-adopting” our boys in Delaware so they can obtain US birth certificates (currently they only have one handwritten Haitian birth certificate each) and legally become “Ian” and “Alec” (they already have our last name legally and we will be preserving their Haitian first names as their middle names.)

    When the re-adoption is done, the boys will have already lived with us for over two years. “Never ending” is indeed a good adjective when it comes to adoption paperwork!

  3. I feel your pain! Even after we bring Sophia home from Taiwan–which has already been a seemingly never-ending process–we have to re-adopt here as well. I have about had it with jumping through hoops, too, so I’m praying for grace and patience if we are asked to do anything more. Today is our first court date in Taiwan, and the judge could very well ask for additional information or something. I am praying that won’t happen and we can move quickly through this process, but I also know that God is in control! The redeeming factor in all of this is at least Kira is home with you during this time, as Sophia will be, and as my nephews are!

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