“What are you feeding those boys?”

3 thoughts on ““What are you feeding those boys?””

  1. This is inspiring to me because I really want my children to learn this. It’s also challenging because I’m not sure where to start … definitely no gardens to mulch in the desert! 🙂 I’m open to all your suggestions, though!

    1. When our children were young there was an “extra job jar”. Every time I thought about a chore they could do I wrote it on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. When they asked me for something at the store, I said, “well, first we have to go to the job jar and you can earn the money to buy it”. These were simple jobs like, spray and wiping sinks, spray and wiping base boards, sorting and organizing mixed up toys, vaccuuming, sweeping the porch, dusting with a feather duster (can’t really knock things down with that), all were jobs not included in their regular chores for allowances. And by the way when they got older and behaved so naughty in their talk with oneanother, I would give them a job from the job jar without pay. Every time you think I wish I could get to that chore, consider if there is a way they could do it. They might not get it perfect, but a little bit good is better than nothing and they learn so much by having the opportunity. Sometimes it is thirty minutes at my side helping me with all the “go get it, or take this over there” sort of tasks while I organize a pile. Children can learn to fold laundry. They learn it better if they are earning a few dollars for the things they like to have.

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