Carrying Africa in my heart wherever I go.

7 thoughts on “Carrying Africa in my heart wherever I go.”

  1. wow what a moving post, and i love the supporting pictures. its a shame that people who are trying to positively benefit poor kids are getting tarred with the trafficking brush

    1. Waiting for Kira was a spiritual submission to know God is in control. It was both humbling and good for my spiritual maturity.

  2. Thank you for your prayers, friend! As you said, an adoption isn’t done until it’s done. I think I’ll be “holding my breath” until we’re home with our girl…at least we’ll meet her next month! My heart does ache for the children who will wait longer, and the families waiting to bring them home.

  3. The three of us with tot2tot are so blessed to be a part of helping another child attend school for a year! Your story has moved all of us, and we were so happy you allowed us to partner with you! We sold 60 bracelets and with our 5% and a little extra, we are able to send another to school!! Praise God!

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