Me a public speaker? Where can I hide?

4 thoughts on “Me a public speaker? Where can I hide?”

  1. To God be the glory!! Look at what God did through Moses who also said he wasn’t a good speaker–miracles do happen through those that are obedient to His calling. God calls us, then equips us! P.S. Public speaking isn’t my thing either!!

  2. I was there…it was clear God is using you and Jack and your family to do great things! And it was also clear He was telling the rest of us to step out in faith to do more for this hurting world. Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone to share God’s story–it’s always an amazing one! I asked them yesterday if they would post your story to the Journey website…but they weren’t sure if they could or not. I hope that you will consider it, as I would love my daughter who is in college at Emory to see it too. Pumpkin bread is her thing too and I felt God tugging at my heart strings with Jack’s story. Thanks again!

  3. Congratulations Tonya! Your family’s story has to be told for God’s glory.
    Can’t wait to hear it next Monday along with Jack serving his bread!

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